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Wellington’s KHF Media are delighted to announce an agreement that will see their Emmy award winning drama series Reservoir Hill remade in Sweden for SVT, Sweden’s biggest broadcasting network.


Reservoir Hill, a dark teen thriller that first aired on TVNZ’s Ondemand channel and later on TV2, has been acquired by ART89 to be remade with a totally Swedish cast and shot in locations around Stockholm and up in the north of Sweden. 


David Stubbs, co-creator of Reservoir Hill said; “We’re thrilled that ART89 have been attracted to the story, the characters and all the sinister twists and turns.  It really proves the show has universal appeal.”  


“This is a truly exciting development” said co-creator Thomas Robins.  “We have been working with the Swedish production team and they’re genuine fans of the our web series and are determined that their version will be faithful to the themes and mood of the New Zealand original.”

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